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Belize (once British Honduras) is a small independent country sandwiched between Guatemala and eastern Mexico.

Drinking is fun! ..... Belizian advertising

On January 23 2001, Nicole wrote ....

HI there, just a quickie as it is very expensive to use the net here. I am now living it up on a carribbean island off Belize - Caye Caulker. The sand is white, the ocean is green, the locals are sooo friendly, the food is good and the life is slow and laid back!

Goff's Caye, Belize Yesterday we went on a snorkel tour of the reef and you wont believe this.. I voluntarily jumped in the water with about 15 reef sharks and more than that in sting rays!! They were so friendly, I actually found myself swimming up to them to touch them - Harry the guide catches them and I held it for a photo!! It was so much fun. 

Shark and Ray Alley - famous snorkel site off Caye Calker, Belize We have made friends with some of the locals and they are doing a fish fry up on the beach for us tonight I think. We leave tomorrow for our last week on the beach, this time in Tulum, playa del carmen and around the cancun area of Mexico. We came from Guatamala - the last thing we saw was some amazing ruins in the jungle. The wild life was amazing - screaming monkeys, and we saw two toucans and a wood pecker pecking away!!! Still having a great time! Hope all is well at everyones various homes. Take care

Love Nic/Coley


And on January 29 Nicole wrote ...

Hi mum and dad

Great to hear from you - today! I wonder if you are on line now?? Kirsty and I are now on Isla Mujeras (spelling??) a gorgeous island of white sand and turqoise waters, just off Cancun. The weather has finally improved and we had our first afternoon of sunshine in nearly a week. We have our last 5 nights here - we got a deal on our room and paid for 5 nights in advance, only to find that the water wasnt hot and there was NO water in our bathroom basin. We very forcefully in Spanish managed a refund and have moved to another hotel! Since we last spoke, we have been to Tulum, and stayed in the cabanas, little huts of sticks, with a bed in a mossie net and no electricity, right on the beach. It was gorgeous as well. Bought myself a hammock, and now have NO room left in my pack! I do go home direct from Mexico city, we have decided to fly back to Mexico City from Cancun to give us some extra time. Cant believe I am back to work in a week. More depressing is going back to the cooold!

It is a very sad thought to know that I will be swapping my bikinis, the sand, the sun and the water for the cold, dreary coats, thermals, beanies, scarves and work within a week! Yes, all good things have to come to an end unfortunately. We are having our last few nights here on Isla Mujeras, an island off cancun. This is the best beach spot we have been to yet, and thank fully, the first sun that we have had for more than a week. Yes, the sensational 6 week tan I was seeking seems to have eluded me.....

For those of you back in London, I am back Sat arvo so will look forward to catching up with you all in the next few weeks. For those of you in Oz and elsewhere, who knows where or when?? I'm looking for a travelling buddy in April, May for Morocco, Spain and Portugal...any takers?????

Adios amigos!


And from Kirsty too on Jan 30 2001 ...


Yes, I have been a bit of a slacko with the emails lately. I haven´t even logged on for about two weeks now. I think Coley told you we´re on Isla Mujeres at the moment, which is an island off the coast of Cancun. The ocean is really beautiful, turquoise blue like all those photos you see in brochures and think that they must be using a filter with their camera. And beautiful white sand that for some reason doesn´t get burning hot like home where you have to run to the water the second you step on the sand. So for the last two days we have been doing nothing but lying on the beach in the sun. Which is fantastic seeing as it has been overcast and windy for the last week or so. Looking forward to more of the same for the next few days before flying home. Haven´t done any diving yet at all. I might do one here in the next couple of days if I can convince myself to get out of my deck chair (yes, it´s a hard life). I don´t know that the diving here is all that impressive though (or whether they´ll accept my dive licence?). Have spent a fair bit of time at the beach over the last week or so. Four days on Caye Caulker off Belize, then a couple of days in the cabanas at Tulum with the palm frond thatched rooves, tree trunk walls and no electricity (which would have been great except there was absolutely nothing to do except go to the beach or lie in a hammock and it was too overcast and windy to be doing that so we moved on). 

Cabanas at Tulum, Mexico

Beach at Tulum, Mexico

Cabana accomodation on the beach at Tulum, Mexico  

Mayan ruins meet the Caribbean Sea at Tulum, Mexico








From there we followed two Dutch girls who we´d met at Caye Caulker up to Playa del Carmen for a night. 

Coley, Barry, Kirsty and Sandra at Playa del Carmen, Mexico Another beautiful beach but very very tourist oriented. Then we went to Merida for a night where we bought a hammock each... Coley´s backpack can hardly close, but for some reason mine has loads of space still. Then to Chichen Itza, some Mayan ruins, for a day and onto Isla Mujeres. This part of Mexico is by far the most touristy and expensive we´ve been to. The island full of tourists, but not unbearable like Playa del Carmen. Will see you soon

love Kirsty

Isla Mujeres, Mexico


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