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Email from Nicole - Dec 31 2000 - Mexico:

Hi there everyone

This will be quick as we are back in the land of slow internet cafes! Kirsty and I have safely made it to Mexico now and are having a great time. Mexico city was interesting - got ripped off as soon as we walked out the doors of the airport, had to look at three hotels to find a spare bed, only to end up in a slanty double bed so fell into each other all night! And to top it all off, NOBODY speaks any English so we are having a very crash course at trying to pick op the local lingo! It is seriously impossible to communicate with anyone - even the hotels don't speak a word of English! We didn't spend too much time in Mexico City - too much pollution, dirty streets and many people. Our first day we went out to Xilchomico, or something like that!_This is a series of canals which we cruised Mexican style - full of colour, floating mariachis playing music, people dancing on their gondolas, boats selling everything you can imagine etc etc. 

Gondala ride in Mexico City

Spent the rest of the afternoon and the next day doing cultural things...churches, art galleries etc. We have now arrived in Taxos, a gorgeous little Mexican town, full of cobbled streets, more of the very Mexican VW taxis, and home to hand made silver - over 300 shops and many streets to walk thru. Kirsty and I are actually wondering how we will find our way back to our hotel - which doesn't have a name! after a few coronas on NYE! I am very jealous to hear of everyone's white Xmas and can't believe I have missed it snowing in London! That is unbelievable, but cold! The weather here is slowly picking up and I have just shed my jumper today for the first time. Hope everyone is well. Until next time... Nic-Coley

Email from Nicole - Jan 4 2001 - Mexico:

Greetings from Peurto Escondido! This is quite a cool little beach place, set up mainly for surfers. However, we are not staying and are on our way for our first few days of beach bumming, lying in a hammock, enjoying the sunshine and the heat. Yipppeeee!! Well, we thought the Mexicans knew how to party, but obviously not in the town we chose for New Year. Most of the pubs and restaurants were closed, the shops were shut, we waited all night to have a crack at the pinjadas in the main square to no avail, and the whole town was in church as the clock struck midnight (amongst fire works that didn't go off, other than smoke!). So all in all it was a quiet affair, without even a count down to midnight. Quite a laugh really, and will be the New Year's eve I will remember most as it was so quiet and I only had one beer!!!  

12:00 midnight New Years Eve in Taxco, Mexico
We have also been to Acapulco, which neither of us
liked too much as it is dirty and soooooo many people. It was great to see the Acapulco divers diving off the cliffs.  

The cliff divers at Acapulco, Mexico

We are enjoying the Mexican food but it is not what we thought - the tacos are soft, there is no such thing as burritos and nachos (much to my distress), and they put chilli on everything - even their popcorn (Charmin I think you may even struggle to eat some of this chilli!! Maybe not...). Coronas here are so cheap - we saw them in a supermarket, a 6 pack for about $5 (aussie dollars) and in the restaurants it is cheaper to drink than orange juice. Yummmmmmyyyy!!  

Thanks to everyone for your emails, I will reply another day as Kirst and I have to run to get another hot, stinking bus to Peurto Angel. Adios! 

Love Nic..Coley xxxx

Email from Nicole - Jan 7 2001

Hi there everyone. Not much to report, as for the last four or five days Kirst and I have been doing pretty much nothing but lying on the beach. the beaches here are very relaxing - all lined with hammocks, beachside restaurants, nude sunbathers (not including us!), and a cruisy atmosphere. 

The beach at Acapulco, Mexico

We kicked back at Peurto Angel, Zipolite, Mazunte and we are now at Huatulco. Today we went on a 7 bay boat cruise and snorkelling day out, for 6 hours with open bar - very good value. We are only here by default as well as our 10 hour bus trip to our next stop is booked out for three days as all the Mexicans head back to work this weekend. We have changed plans slightly and instead of going into north mexico we are going to Guatamala and Belize for about 8 or 9 days or something like that. There is so much to see and do in Mexico , I feel really rushed to see everything (that is, with my numerous days of lying on the beach needing to be included!). I am pleased to say I have lost my London whiteness and am starting to see the beginnings of a tan.

Hope everyone is well. cant believe that I will be back at work in a month. Take care

Love Nic/Coley

Read Kirsty's email, Friday Jan 12,  2001 ...

Buenos dias Amigos,

I am in a pretty little town in the Southern Highlands of Mexico at the moment called San Cristobal de las Casas. 

Garlic prawns and whole fish for lunch on the beach at Huatulco, Mexico Took us longer than expected to get here, as the buses were booked out for three days to everywhere from where we were at the beach at that time. However, didn't really mind too much being stuck at the beach for a few extra days. We were at Puerto Angel/Zipolite/Mazunte for three days, then when we couldn't move anywhere we just went a little further down the coast to Huatulco for another couple of days - much more touristy, but still very nice. 

Zipolite beach, Mexico

Unlike Acapulco which was pretty revolting we thought. A pretty ugly town covered in highrises and literally thousands of people on the beach who just dropped all their rubbish in the sand which made it a bit grotty. We had New Year's Eve in Taxco, which is another beautiful little colonial town built into the hillside, famous for its Silversmiths. However, very lacking in nightlife! At midnight the whole town was in Church, while we waited in the Zocolo (town square) for the party to begin. But it never did begin... even the bar adjoining the Zocalo was closed, as were half of the restaurants. A bit of a dud night really. Planning on heading down to Guatemala in the next couple of days to have a look around there. After just starting to learn a few Spanish words to get us by, apparently most of the people in Guatemala in the smaller towns where we're headed speak one of the 30 odd Mayan languages of the region. So we're back to square one again. Hope you're all not working too hard... 



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