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The Middle East - April/July 2000 - "Backpacker Style"

Nicole left London with her friend Natasha Smith (no relation!) in time to reach Gallipoli for the memorable ANZAC day 2000 service attended by the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand, plus 15000 other tourists!

They had several weeks in Turkey before travelling on through Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Egypt, then flying from Cairo back to London (and WORK!) on July 29 2000.

Turkey     -    April 2000

Bozcaada Island, Turkey

Nicole and the owner of their pension - Bozcaada Island, Turkey.

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey - freaky formations formed by eroded volcanic ash.

Jordan    -    May 2000

Nicole in Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Nicole in Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Egypt    -    July 2000

clear waters of Marsa Matneh on the north coast of Egypt.

Natasha and Nicole appreciate the change from the desert to the beautiful clear waters of Marsa Matruh on the north coast of Egypt.

Nicole climbing the WHITE sand dunes in the Western Oasis, Egypt

Back to the desert - Nicole climbing the WHITE sand dunes in the Western Oasis, Egypt. (Somewhat different from the RED dunes of the Simpson desert in Aussie!!)

Natasha and Nicole learning the finer points of camel riding.

Natasha and Nicole enjoying a camel ride

Photo shows Natasha and Nicole enjoying a camel ride near the Pyramids. 

Natasha at Karnak


Photo of Nicole at Karnak in Egypt.

Whoops, NO, it just LOOKS like Nicole - it's Natasha! 

After 4 months travelling together they are starting to look alike!!


Thank heaven for email! Here is a sample of the great emails we have all been receiving at home ..

"July 17 2000

Hi everyone
It feels like it has been so long since I have written a message to you all and I dont quite know where to start. I will try to keep it brief as it is probably more interesting to me than it is to you!! I have been having an amazing time in Egypt, there is so much to see and do, so much to learn and a lot of heat to try to survive. Most days we have been walking around in 48 degree heat, sweating our asses off and drinking litres of water. After leaving Dahab we went to Aswan where we went to the Philae temple, and the supposedly best temple in Egypt - Abu Simble. You are unable to get there by road so we had to catch a plane (at 5am for the sunrise!) which was nice for a change. The temple was magnificent - Ramses 11 was about 22m high and carved into the rockface and the artwork on the inside was amazing. Even more amazing is that they were able to move these huge structures to higher ground when lake Nasser started to flood due to the building of the high ground. We then sailed on a felucca up to Luxor, which was very relaxing. Saw a couple of temples on the way, but other than that did diddly squat. In luxor we went to the Valley of the Kings and queens. The valley of the queens wasn't nearly as impressive as the tombs in the kings, but we did pay the extra 60 egyptian pounds to go into Nefertaris tomb inthe queens and this was really impressive. The paintings on the wall are just ecquisite (how do you spell that!). Some of the walls are perfectly intact, depicting the life of this queen. they only let in 150 people per day, for 10 minutes to preserve the artwork, as apparently peoples breath and the humidity is ruining the tomb. We also went to the temple of Hatschput , the site of the luxor massacre a few years ago. Our next stop as through the western oasis. We stopped in Dachla oasis and went on a little day tour to see some 400 year old islamic tombs (complete with mummies), swim in some cold springs, climb some sand dunes etc. We eventually settled on an overnight otur into the white desert which was incredivble. The desert is littered with all these chalk formations (huge). Had another campfire dinner, bit of star gazing and a good full moon. That brings us to Cairo now and we are off to see the pyramids (finally!) tomorrow. I am also about to head off to have KFC for dinner, shame on me. Tash has been afflicted with the dreaded diarrhoe so she is recuperating today, after not having such a good night in the desert - there arent that many things to hide behind when nature calls, if you know what I mean. Cairo should be fun. We got ripped off within 30 seconds of being here when we paid for a taxi to our hotel which was literally on the other side of the round about we were standing on! I think that is about enough for now. Only two weeks left off our middle east sojourn. Then it is back to reality really, and trying to find a job to pay for the next trip. 

See ya 


London     -    August 2000

Nicole at the Croydon Hospital Nursing Home

Reality hits! Back to London and Nicole straight into a good job as an Occupational Therapist at Croydon hospital - photo shows the Nursing Home accommodation.

... watch this space for more of Coley's story, and more pictures!!


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