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John Warren Drury FISHER

John Warren Drury Fisher was born in Christchurch and lived his childhood at Sumner and Fendalton, Christchurch, NZ. He attendedElmwood primary, and Christs College in Christchurch, and was an outstanding left handed sportsman who represented Canterbury in tennis in 1929/1930, played badminton amnd golf, and was also a good skier. He began his career as a clerk in the Bank of New Zealand, before joining his fathers Stockbroking firm, R. Hill Fisher & Sons. This firm collapsed during the 1930's depression, and Jack joined electrical firm Turnbull & Jones, and later spent many years at N.Z. Breweries in charge of the Despatch Department. He married Joyce Blunden, and had 2 girls, Fay and Judy. Emphysema forced him into part time employment in 1959, and he enjoyed some years as a taxi owner/driver before his death in 1969 aged 59 years.

Joyce Mary BLUNDEN

Joyce Blunden was born in Ashburton, and spent her early childhood on the family farm "The Deans" at Loburn near Ashburton, before moving to Rangiora. Joyce was the oldest girl of a family of 9, and took on "maternal" repsonsibilities for her 8 brothers and sisters when her mother died when Joyce was only 16.
Joyce enjoyed riding, hockey and tennis, and attended Rangi-ruru Girls School in Christchurch, before starting a life long career as a Legal Secretary. Joyce married John Warren Drury Fisher and had 2 children, Fay and Judith. Joyce developed lung cancer and bravely fought the cancer for the last 10 years of her life.


Stockbroker in his fathers firm until it collapsed in the Depression. Lived in Christchurch, most of his life at Sumner, Canterbury, NZ. Loved the outdoors, particularly trekking in the South Island, and walking the Cashmere Hills.


Born in Barnet, Yorkshire, England, travelled to NZ in the "Scottish Prince" aged 4.ttended ChCh Girls High, & became a teacher at the School for Deaf at Sumner. Married Warren Fisher, lived at No 5, The Spur, Sumner, then later moved to Fendalton. Coached Jack at tennis, enjoyed dancing, bridge, theatre, good at sewing.

Harold Ernest BLUNDEN

Harold Ernest was born in 1877.
At school at Christs College, Christchurch, NZ in 1894 Harold Blunden was :
Captain First XI Cricket, Member First XV Rugby, Captain Cadets, and Gymnastics Champion.
Harold was an outstanding athlete, rider (polo, hunts etc), a very good dancer and very musical - he could play anything by ear.�ed and won Henrietta Denshire, a lovely young lady who also had spirit and determination, and they eloped, since her parents were against the marriage. Later in their marriage the depression came, the banks closed down on all the farmers with big mortgages, and the farm and home all had to be sold.
Henrietta died of pneumonia in 1923, leaving Harold with nine children aged 3 to 17 years, and Harold never recovered from losing her. He tried to keep things going but he had several children at boarding school and economics were bad after World War 1.
In later life he managed farms, did odd jobs, and lived out his days with his daughter, Joyce, in Christchurch.

Blunden Registered NZ Deaths as at 2010
Family Name Given Name(s) Date of Birth/
Age at Death
2001/13308 Anderson Helen Betsy 29 November 1909
2000/13348 Bethell Elizabeth Nance 6 August 1913
1937/20050 Blunden Sarah 79Y
1973/33061 Blunden Bernard Lionel 20 August 1881
1939/25801 Blunden Nora Tressilian 56Y
1945/30751 Blunden Kate 75Y
1946/17228 Blunden Mary 70Y
1981/46019 Blunden Brian Moore 19 September 1906
1978/43225 Blunden Evelyn Florence 10 March 1893
1979/50299 Blunden Terrance Reginald 28 September 1903
1955/34688 Blunden William Herbert 67Y
1958/23343 Blunden John Herbert 76Y
1960/27751 Blunden Arthur Reginald 84Y
1961/34308 Blunden Albert 87Y
1970/44182 Blunden Ernest William 74Y
1970/45582 Blunden Olive Ivy Myrtle Ann 83Y
1971/26920 Blunden Derek Charles 60Y
1997/53422 Blunden Joan 20 January 1916
1986/30714 Blunden Ida Elsie Elizabeth 27 March 1903
1992/33808 Blunden Arthur Leo 8 November 1911
1993/33184 Blunden Jean Limont 17 November 1915
1982/40233 Blunden Louisa 20 July 1912
1920/10616 Blunden George William Ealstard 86Y
1921/2607 Blunden Thomas Edward 70Y
1917/189 Blunden Alice 73Y
1923/9426 Blunden Henrietta Langton 38Y
1909/4941 Blunden Dennis 3N
1909/5450 Blunden Phyllis 22D
1913/7632 Blunden Thomas James 30Y
1909/8245 Blunden Harold 11D
1899/4853 Blunden Elizabeth 42Y
1898/1790 Blunden Margret Ellen 7Y
1891/552 Blunden Frederick 1Y
1985/45068 Blunden Rex 15 February 1909
1918/27087 Blunden Leonard Walter NR
1918/27088 Blunden Reginald Paul NR
1945/35186 Blunden Godfrey Harold NR
1945/35187 Blunden John Reginald NR
1945/35188 Blunden Neil Ralph NR
2005/20223 Blunden Peter Richard Moore 15 December 1913
2006/22518 Blunden Elsted Reginald 26 November 1920
1998/1082 Blunden William Leonard 8 May 1913
1972/34239 Blunden Margaret Colina 20 August 1900
1961/30735 Blunden Hazel 67Y
1953/26476 Blunden Harold Ernest 76Y
2008/706 Blunden Thalia 2 March 1925
1989/50173 Blunden Arthur Arnold 5 March 1906
1963/44014 Blunden George William 75Y
1940/17840 Blunden Herbert Mexted 29Y
2009/17206 Blunden Reginald George Ashley 2 June 1927
1968/47691 Blunden Neil 84Y
2005/10314 Locke Norah Beatrice 22 July 1923
1999/24709 Revell Violet Agnes 31 December 1913
1999/18902 Wallis Janice Mildred 3 May 1908
2010/29591 Blunden Joan Elizabeth 14 January 1925
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Henrietta DENSHIRE

Henrietta Langton Blunden, nee Denshire, was born in 1884.
Her father, William Banks Denshire, was from England and took up farming in Ashburton where he procured 2000 acres.
Grandma Denshire and her daughters lived the life of the idle rich. They played Bridge and golf and went to the races etc. They frequently travelled backwards and forwards to their relations in England. They spent every winter away from the Christchurch cold, in Nelson at a lovely guesthouse by the river. They were very witty, gay and entertaining and completely selfish.
Grandma said that all the men, who would be suitable husbands, had been killed in the war and it seemed that no man was good enough for her daughters to marry. However, Henrietta, who was a very beautiful young girl with spirit (and was also said to have had a very sweet disposition) was captivated by Harold Blunden, who was very handsome and dashing. He persuaded her to run away with him and so they eloped.
Henrietta died in of pneumonia in 1923 aged 39, after bearing 9 children, including 3 sets of twins.

Brian Moore BLUNDEN

Educated at Christs College, joined the Navy briefly. Enjoyed life, married Ida and had 2 children. Divorced. Later spent many years with Eileen Brown, working in hotels.


John married Jean Bennett, and was killed during World War 2 in Egypt.
His cousin, Peter Blunden had been with him the night before. They had no family.

Arthur Leo BLUNDEN

Leo was born in Ashburton, while the family owned “Selma”. He was one of twins, His twin was John. After his mother died he boarded at Cathedral Grammer School until he left to start work. He worked mainly in the South Canterbury area as a farm hand. He married in 1935, went to World War 11 and after he came home drew a Rehabilitation block of land in Levels Valley which he farmed successfully for many years. "Falomai Farm" supported both cropping and sheep. After suffering a brain tumour the farm was sold to his son John but he continued to live and work on the farm for quite a few years. During the early 70s Leo retired to Timaru but still helped on the farm and was very active with the RSA and the Pleasant Point Golf Club.

Leo married Jean Rodgers in 1935 and had four children.

Arthur John SMITH

Arthur Smith was known as "Chub", and was born and raised in the Ballandean area of S.E.Queensland. Chub attended Slade secondary school at Warwick where he excelled academically and on the sporting field. He and his brother, Noel, later became leading grape growers in the Ballandean district, and operated under the company started by their father, R,N. Smith & Sons. Chub was President of the Ballandean Clay Target Shooting Club for 25 years, and was also involved in local community affairs.

Amy Mary Clara RUEGG

Amy Mary Clara Ruegg was born at Redcliff near Brisbane, and spent most of her life in the Ballandean area of S.E. Queensland. She was educated at the Ballandean School, and was a good tennis player. She married Arthur ("Chub") Smith, and had 3 children, Harvey, Graham and Helen. Amy and Chub moved to Brisbane on selling their farm in 1990, and lived in Chapel Hill, Brisbane. When Chub died in 1995 Amy moved to Sinnamon Village where she lived until her death in 2000.