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Blacburner when married 1780, Yeoman at death in 1791


Yeoman, later Brickburner

Andrew NANCE

Andrew Nance owned large amounts of land in Portsmouth, England, and was a beer and wine merchant. He had two of the best hotels in the district — The Blue Posts and The Fountain. They were already well known coaching inns with a long history when he bought them. He brought the actual coaches up to a very high standard and they were said to "fly" between Golden Cross, Charing Cross and the Blue Posts to Portsmouth in nine and one half hours. Very fast!!! They were later driven by Andrew Nance�s son. The Rocket was the speediest coach on the road and very well known!Imagine our ancestors driving their coaches on rough roads, in all weathers, day and night, their fast horses galloping through the night, hooves clattering and manes flying. They were often held up by highwaymen and it was literally your-money-or-your-life in those days. Very wealthy people travelled in the coaches and there were no banks in which to secure money.
Andrew Nance was an extremely shrewd businessman and eminently successful. He was a director of many companies and eventually became the Mayor of Portsmouth. He was the �beau ideal� of a hearty English gentleman.�oss, 1877. His death occasioned a deep feeling of regret in the borough. Portsmouth has been deprived of one of her leading citizens. Andrew Nance was of an unostentatious and retiring disposition. Many years as a member of the Town Council, he deservedly gained a high reputation in business, his judgement being particularly sound, his perception most acute and his enterprises unbounded. He was, more over, always willing to lend a leading hand to others".