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Read Coley's email from Spain on April 8 2001, then check out the photos  ...

Hi everyone

Well, the sedentary ´no exercise, sit on our ass holiday´´ rule has definately been broken in the last few days!! We have been walking thru beautiful gorges, skiing in Andorra and white water rafting in Northern spain!!

The snow was not great in Andorra, but it was there to give it a go. It was slightly more manageable runs than my last one day skiing effort four years ago - but after a quick lesson from Skell on how to get down  a slope I was off!! My fear of downhill speed has not abated greatly and I had quite sore knees at the end from far too much zig zagging and snow ploughing, but great all the same!!! The very next day, we found ourselves in sunny spain and white water rafting in a 6 degree mountain river (from the level of frozenness I am debating that it wasnt less than that!!). We had a great guide and only 5 people in our raft - so he mucked around a lot with us - in the first 10 minutes, we stupidly beleived him when he said to all jump on one side of the boat and lean over the edge....and then he tipped us out into the icy water!!! The rest of the day we rafted standing up, bouncing around at the back of the boat ...jumping off bridges into rapids and floating down stream (unable to talk at the end of that one, very cold!).

By the end, I was so frozen I couldnt feel my feet, had gone into an alive state of rigor mortis, and managed to be thrown out- fell out of the boat another two times!! Not as good rafting as in QLD, but great fun all the same!!

We have now finished with our car hire and mountain viewing and have arrived back in Barcelona to the reality of backpacker travelling without a car ....train strikes, booked out public transport, unable to book hostels ahead and semana santa (big easter festival stuff) leading to booked out accomodation, blah blah blah.... Oh, and to top that off, had my wallet stolen with lots of cash in it (thank you Tim for sorting that one out at an early hour of the morning on a Sat!). Still trying to convince the police to help me with that one......

So I am in Barcelona tonight and then am off on a lovely overnight bus to granada to beg a hostel to give me a bed for the night. they are all telling me that they are fully booked , but I am hoping that is just because they cant speak english and thats all they can say!!!

Will indulge in some Tapas, and Sangria tonight and try to remember a night out in Barcelona (more than during the davis cup anyway!!)

Hope everyone is well


Nicola - one of Portugals favourite coffees

Email from Croatia Thursday July 5 2001 ....

Hello to you all! 

Apologies in advance for the group email, but you know how it is when you are travelling!! So far Croatia has been very good to us and I am quite worn out from all this relaxation!!

Each day is much the same really.....lying on a beach or catching a boat to an island, swimming in the green adriatic ocean, to return home and have camenbert and biccies, washed down with a couple of local brews and then a litre of wine for about one pound fifty. And doing it all over again the next day!! The sun is shining (mostly!!), the weather is hot, my tan is improving, and am having a ball!

We started off in Split, then went to Hvar island, followed by Korcula and have just arrived in Debrovnic. We are hoping desperatly for a cheap flight back to Zagreb to give us another day at the beach and avoid an overnight bus!! And by the way, for those of you who knew about my flight dilemmas, I got a flight from Zagreb to Split with 10 minutes to spare for 26 pounds!! Somewhat cheaper than the 400 pounds I was quoted on the phone!!!!

Back to London on Sunday......



Dubrovnik - on top of old city walls

Sunset drinks on terrace at Split

Korkula town at Sunset - beautiful!!

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