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Family History - Judy
Family History - Harvey

If you have time, have a look at our Family Tree - if you don't know our family really, REALLY well, then you will probably get lost, so sorry, but you were warned!!

The youngest generation of the SMITH family are:

  • Martin John
  • Nicole Mary
  • Kirsten Helen
    • Father - Harvey John SMITH
      (Brother Graham) , Sister Helen)
      • Father - Arthur John SMITH
        (Brother Noel, Sister Peggy) Amy Mary Clara Smith nee RUEGG  - 'Nana'
      • Mother - Amy Mary RUEGG
        (Brothers Syd, Dick, Fred, Oswald, Arthur, Harold(Snow))
    • Mother - Judith Warren FISHER
      (Sister - Fay)
      • Father - John Warren Drury FISHER
        (Sister Cynthia)
      • Joyce Mary BLUNDEN
        (Brothers Brian, Twins Derrick & Godfrey, Twins Leo & John, William Blunden)
        (Sisters Margaret and Alice)

Want to see the family tree for the Rueggs or Smiths ?? 

Well, they're coming!   Have another look here in a month or two! If anyone has any electronic family history we would love to see it!


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