Oodnadatta Track
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37.    Oodnadatta Track - the Camp Oven fires up!

From Yulara we headed East  on the bitumen to Erilunda, before heading south down the Stuart Highway to Marla, and on to the Oodnadatta track. About 100km down the track we found a great camp site on Coongra Creek, the perfect spot to cook the roast lamb and vege in the Camp oven.

38.    Yum!! Dinner!!

Judy and Joy dish up our ***** dinner - roast marinated lamb, roast spuds, sweet potato, onion, cauli, zucchini, with gravy of course, and washed down with liberal quantities of Banrock Station!

39.    Peake Telegraph Station

Down the Oodnadatta track we drove, to Oodnadatta first, and a visit to the Museum (many interesting photos), and to the Pink Roadhouse, source of so many useful signs in the Simpson. 

Then we were back running along the Old Ghan yet again, plus also noting remnants of the original Overland Telegraph Line.

We diverted down a rough track to Peake, site of an old Telegraph station built near a line of mound springs, before heading further down the Oodnadatta track to Anna Creek and a peaceful July 22 camp site not far from William Creek.

40.    Pelican Breeding Island- Lake Eyre 

We had booked a 60 minute  8am flight from William Creek over Lake Eyre so it was an early start. The flight was great, the Lake is probably 40% full, but 80% covered, and mostly very shallow. We didn't see many pelicans, although there are approx. 4000 pelicans nesting on islands such as the island pictured.

41.    Lake Eyre Flight

We made it back to civilisation in the little Cessna, one of about 8 planes based at William Creek until December!

42.    William Creek - Main Street Traffic!

The main street of William Creek - watch out for cars, dust, and planes!

43.    William Creek Pub

Bob and Harvey inside the famous William Creek Pub - a gold mine at present, with so many tourists visiting Lake Eyre. A "tent City" has been built at William Creek to accommodate the buses and their passengers.

44.    Lake Eyre Foreshore

We tried to reach the shore of Lake Eyre South but the mud defeated us 100 metres from the water! We got close enough to taste  a salty puddle though!

Then it was on down to Maree for a night before saying farewell to Bob and Joy, and heading up the Birdsville Track back to Birdsville for a night, then a quick trip home via Charleville, Mitchell, Roma and Toowoomba.

It was a really memorable trip, and we were very lucky to pick the best season in Central Australia for 20 years, and the mildest weather too!!

YES, we'll do it again one day!!

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