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Thursday April 12 2001

We met the Mitsubishi 4WD Club at Gailes for an Easter trip "down the Darling".

Meeting point for river Darling trip, just outside Brisbane - Lew, Colin, Errol, Joy, Jenny, Margaret, Judy & Don

From Brisbane we headed out to Bourke, stopping the night at a camping ground in Walgett on the Namoi river. Harvey and Don decided that we should have yabbies for lunch and their efforts were not in vain!

Yabbies! Yum!

We followed the dirt tracks down the Darling fiver from Bourke to Wilcannia, and camped on the Darling near Tilpa one night, and an early morning fishing session was productive for Harvey.

Harvey catches a few nice fish in the Darling opposite Tilpa Pub.

From Wilcannia we headed to the man made Menindee Lakes, noted for the dead trees protruding from the water. National Parks provide great camping sites along the Darling near Menindee.

Harvey outside historic Menindee Pub.

We spent 2 days exploring Broken Hill, visiting Silverton, racing up the "Sculpture" hill for sunset, visiting the "biggest painting in Australia" (150 metres around), and going on an underground mine tour.

Judy & Harvey down Broken Hill North mine

Silverton was originally a bustling mining town in the 19th century, and is now partially restored for the tourists.

Our 8 vehicles lined up outsdie Silverton hotel - historic town near Broken Hill

"Happy Hour" was always a relaxing time at the end of a "hard" day!

"Happy Hour" begins - Muttawinji National Park

Sometimes we needed a kilometre between vehicles to avoid the great clouds of red dust!

Off up the dusty road again.

Whitecliffs Motel was an underground oasis in the middle of the opal fields! While we were there they were in the process of digging more rooms - it's for sale, if you're interested!

Havey in Whitecliffs UNDERGROUND motel.

We all enjoyed the showers and a good meal, plus a glass of wine - the picture below shows the whole group. Standing - Colin, Cameron and Kylie, Gil, Harvey & Judy, Jacquie, John, Lew & Joy. Seated - Chris, Kylie, Pam, Jenny, Errol, Don & Margaret.

Dinner for all at the Whitecliffs Underground Motel.

Back through to home territory again (Qld of course!). Each vehicle must stop on the grid until the next one arrives, as this is a dog proof gate.

Leaving NSW to return to Queensland.

Driving along the dog fence (again!).

Along the "Dog Fence".

We spent a few days in Muttawinji and Currawinja National Parks before bidding farewell to our new friends from the Mitsubishi 4WD Club, and turning south for Melbourne.

        to the Dubbo Zoo, the Grampians and Melbourne ..

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