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Alice Moore married Reginald Blunden on January 30 1875. They lived at The Downs in South Canterbury, and had 5 sons (including Harold Ernest) and one daughter.

Alice's grandparents, the Moore family lived in Salisbury, England, and Dr Richard Moore was Mayor of Salisbury. He and many other Englishmen had been seriously disturbed by the growing influence of the Oxford Movement, (?) so much so that he resolved to emigrate to New Zealand.

Richard Moore, his wife, one son (Thomas, Alice's father) and five daughters, and their governess, Miss Liberty, set sail in August 1851 from Plymouth in the 630 ton vessel Sir James Pollock under Captain Withers and arrived 116 days later in Lyttelton, port for Christchurch, New Zealand. Among the passengers was Felix Wakefield.

It seems that the situation upon arrival in NZ led to second thoughts for Richard Moore, for he soon decided to return to England with his son to put him into school. They sailed in the William Hyde for Sydney via wellington where they paid their respects to Sir George Grey, and thence to Hokianga where the vessel was damaged on the bar. So, too, was their will to continue the voyage, and they returned to Lyttelton!

Richard's son, Thomas Richard Moore, was born in 1815 and died in 1860, aged 45 years. He is buried in the Barbadoes Cemetery, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Thomas married Elizabeth Burdis, who was born in 1815 on the Isle of Wight, and died in 1887 aged 72 years.

Thomas and Elizabeth Moore had 6 children:

ELIZABETH, born 1841, died April 6 1885, married Dr Ronald MacDonald of Auckland, no children.

ALICE born 1844, died 1917, married John Terry MURPHY on July 12 1864, after he died Alice married REGINALD BLUNDEN, and so established the Moore and Murphy links with the Blunden family.

THOMAS Richard, Pupil No. 93 at Christs College. Played cricket in Canterbury XI against All England in 1864 and 1877. Managed and eventually owned Waimarama Station, Hawkes Bay, NZ.


ELLEN, died of Scarlet Fever, May 8, 1881 aged 32 years. Married Frederick Houth Mienertzhagen, who developed Waimarama Station, Hawkes Bay, NZ, later sold it to Thomas and retired to England.


Another 2 daughters (?) may have died of Scarlet Fever also (?).

Alice Moore first married John Murphy at St Lukes Church, Christchurch on July 12 1864.

Alice Moore and John Murphy had five children:

ELIZABETH born May 18 1865, married William Frederick Joynt of Dunedin.

MARY (May) Phoebe born Sept 25 1866, married twice - first Williams, then married Frederick Anderson.

MARGARET Leslie, born April 26 1868, never married, lived at Oxford (cared for Alice Blunden after her mother died).

MABEL born October 4 1869, lived at Oxford, married late to George Beere, moved to Fendalton, Christchurch.

ALICE born July 7 1871, married Cecil Wood on Dec 19 1907, two sons Cecil Leonard Erlysman (married Jean Mary Richards, children Elizabeth, Michael, Peter), and Lionel John (killed on Active Service, April 6 1944.)

John Murphy was killed in an accident, and Alice later married Reginald Blunden.

Alice Moore and Reginald Blunden had 6 children:

ARTHUR  Reginald (born Dec 25 1875, died 22 Sept 1960), married Nora Shand, took overThe Downs after his father, Reginald, died in August 3 1914.

HAROLD Ernest (my father, born 31 March 1877, died at Christchurch May 5 1953), married Henrietta Denshire, farmed Selma near Ashburton.

LEONARD Walter (born July 28 1879, killed in action in France October 1917).

BERNARD Lionel, (born 28 August 1881, died 8 August 1973), sheep farmer at Waikari, North Canterbury, married Lillian Bassett.

ARNOLD, married Nance Bethel

GLADYS Helen (born November 7 1886) married Charles Godfrey Cracroft Harper.






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