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What happened in 1999??

December 31 1999

Welcome to the new millenium and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Y2K has come and gone, with no devastating effects which is good news!

December 29 1999

It's been raining  since Christmas, until today which is fine and sunny. Last night we had all the family home for dinner - goodness knows when we will all be together again, as Martin is off to Mt Isa next month, and Coley drove back to Mackay today, & leaves for the UK in March .. but we're hoping Coley will be able to return for Martin and Wendy's wedding later in the year.

December 25 1999 - Happy Christmas everybody!!

Christmas! We were joined by Harvey's mum, plus all the Sandersons (Harvey's sister's family), and enjoyed eating a hot Christmas dinner on the deck - turkey, pork and ham, plus lots of goodies, including some raspberries (for Judy!). Luckily the weather remains cool for Christmas.

Friday December 24 1999 

Wow! Look at our Xmas Neighbours
Christmas Eve and all the family is home - Coley is home from Mackay, Martin and Kirsty are here, Wendy is back from Ernest Henry .. and we will all be outside tonight watching the crowds and listening to the carollers - the above photo is taken from our place looking at our neighbours over the road - they do this for us (and half Brisbane) every year! And bigger and better every year!

My gosh! It's nearly Christmas!! If you are reading this around Christmas time, we wish you all a very, very happy Christmas, and all the very best for the new millenium!

Special Christmas wishes to Fay and Andrew in Auckland, Matthew and Jo in London, Graham, Jenny, Madeline and Jillian in Memphis, John, Annette and Leona in Timaru, Alice in Sydney, and to all these people and anyone else who happens to be reading this ...

Monday December 19 1999 - Christmas is close!!

The shopping is done, the weather is good, the rum balls and fudge are in the fridge, the Xmas cake is made, and Coley will be heading for home tomorrow. So roll on Christmas .. we're ready for you!

Monday December 12 1999 - Christmas Lights!!

Congratulations to our neighbours, Wally and Bev, who have once again won the prize for the best display of Christmas Lights in Brisbane!
The lights look magnificent - come and have a look!

Welcome to newcomers to the SMITH site!
It is great to have some input from around the world, with site "visitors" including John and Annette from Timaru, Lois and Donald from Tauranga, and now "Snu" from Israel, an old school friend who I haven't heard from for nearly 40 years - Hi SNU!!

Saturday Nov 25 1999 - Martin and Wendy are engaged!!

They're Engaged!

Congratulations to Martin and Wendy who announced their engagement on returning from a weeks holiday at Brampton Island!

Martin also has a new job with MIM, and will be moving to Mt Isa in January. Wendy will be continuing working at Ernest Henry Mine near Cloncurry, and "not too far" from Mt Isa!

The Stephan family and the Smith family are all DELIGHTED at their engagement, and will be looking forward to a wedding in the new millenium.

Friday Nov 6   1999

H&J returned from 5 days camping at Fraser Island - what a beautiful place! Unfortunately the weather was somewhat unpleasant at times - windy, and quite cooool. Only one swim for the week! But the solar shower was great! The dingoes managed to unlatch the catch on an eski the first night, but all they got for their troubles was some milk and juice, and everything locked in the vehicle after that! We drove up the beach to Indian Head, and Champagne Pools, plus through the interior to the rainforest of Central Station. Tides were quite high, & the beach quite rough in places. Fishing NOT good, but enjoyed a few dart for breakfast.

Sunday October 31   1999

Tragedy! The ALL BLACKS beaten by France! How did it happen????

Saturday October 23   1999

The painting of lounge/hallway is finished, and the deck is painted too. Good!
And two loads of topsoil have made it to the lawn! Good!
Rumour has it we may see the Wazzas soon. Good!!
And today Judy finally managed > 36 Stableford points - may lose a stroke, and get the handicap down to 23 again! Good!!

Thursday October 21   1999

Sally Scales (van Asch)Welcome to our visitors from NZ - cousin Sally and Peter, who are holidaying in Queensland from Christchurch NZ, for 3 weeks.

Sunday October 17   1999

Yesterday Harvey and Martin both won trophies in the "A.J. Smith Memorial" event at Ballandean Clay Target Club. Harvey was 2nd in AA Grade, and Martin won 2nd in C grade. Martin also won the C Grade Single Barrel and the C Grade High Gun.
Today we fielded a team in the MIM Social Golf tournament at St Lucia Golf Club, with one MIM employee (Martin), and 3 ex-MIM'ers - Harvey, Judy and Don. We scored 4 under (gross!!) but not good enough to win! However Harvey won a nearest-the-pin, and Martin won the long drive with a scorcher on the 18th.

Friday October 15   1999

Received an email from Andrew (cousin) in Auckland, NZ - so now we'll have to further internationalize our News! Andrew will be visiting Sydney/Melbourne soon to try and secure advertising for his REMIX magazine - good luck Andy! Matthew (cousin) has a marketing job with HONDA in London now, and we are hoping the hotmail will arrive from Matthew soon - are you listening Matthew???

Wednesday October 13   1999

We're looking forward to seeing some O'S visitors soon - Jean, returning from Ghana, and Sally and Peter from "All Blacks" land!

Monday October 12   1999

Chaos! The house is being painted inside! And the deck! Will we ever find anything again??? Please, NO rain this week!

Saturday October 10   1999

Madeleine and Raymond were married today at Eungalla, near Mackay, and Coley was a bridesmaid for her old school/uni friend.

Monday September 27   1999

Hi Graham! -
Harvey's brother, Graham, has been apppointed our international testing Guru!
Graham lives in Memphis , Tennessee, and works for Federal Express
Graham, If you, or anyone else, have comments on this Web site, please let us know .. Mail to Smith Page Webmaster

Sunday September 26   1999

Gailes Golf club -
Harvey managed 43 Stableford points! Look out handicap!

Wednesday September 22   1999

Gailes Golf club -
Harvey managed 38 Stableford points with 3 washes - it seems he has caught Judy's "bunker" virus!

Sunday September 19   1999

Ballandean Gun Club -
Well done Harvey! 1st in AA Grade Single barrel, and in the shootoff for 2nd in the Deauville Doubles.

Saturday September 18   1999

Gailes Golf Club -
Judy chooses the BEST partner in Sharlene, who played GREAT golf to help win the Cloris Johnstone Aggregate Stableford trophy!
And in Mackay ... how did that HENS' night go that Coley was organising for Madeleine???

Sunday September 12   1999

Wilpena Races
Where's that you may say? Central Queensland!
And Nicole will be giving us a full report - mail it to me Coley & I'll PUBLISH it!

Monday September 13   1999

A lovely sunny Spring day in Brisbane!
A good day for painting the deck chairs.
And a good day for playing TENNIS!

Well, something REALLY exciting should happen soon ... ??

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