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Dec 25 2001    Family at opposite ends of the earth for Christmas!
Dec 2001    Christmas lights display in Kenmore
Oct 2001    The jacarandas flowered magnificently!
June 5 2001    Harvey and Judy return from 7 week trip
Feb 4 2001    Coley and Kirsten come home
Jan 2001    Earthquake in El Salvador, girls in Guatemala

Christmas 2001 - Some family in Bristol, some in Qld ..

This year the family is at opposite ends of the earth. Martin and Wendy left for 2 years in the UK in October and have Accounting contracts in Bristol. Coley has just returned to London from Africa, and so will be joining her big brother and Wendy in Bristol for Christmas.

Kirsty and Pete, and Harvey's sister Helen and husband Don, plus Christopher, will be joining us for Christmas 2001 at Couran Cove on South Stradbroke Island.

Happy Christmas everyone, and all the best for 2002!!

Harvey and Judy wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! 

2001 Christmas Lights are Spectacular

As usual our neighbours Wally and Bev have worked so hard to create a spectacular display of Christmas lights and have been rewarded with FIRST PRIZE again!

They do all the hard work, and below is what WE get to enjoy from our front yard!!  Here are some photos of the lights ..

Christmas lights in Warunda St, Kenmore - first prize - of COURSE!

The crowds admire Wally and Bev's garage fantasy land

Wally and Bev - always smiling, until 12pm ever night!

Closeup of the garage fantasy land.

October   2001 - Jacarandas bloom

The jacarandas flowered magnificently this year. This photo was taken from "over the road" - note the wonderful colour in Wally and Bev's pre-lights garden.

Jacarandas flowering at home - old Ballandean farm truck in front!

June 5   2001 - Harvey and Judy return home.

Our turn for 7 weeks away together, firstly 10 days "down the Darling" with the Mitsubishi 4WD Club, then thru Vic to Melbourne on our own, then across to Tassie and around the Vic Great Ocean Road to Adelaide for 3 weeks with The Qld Cricketers Club 4WD,  and on our own again up through the Flinders Ranges and Strezlecki desert, and home. Yes, it's nice to be home again (especially now that the 'Cruiser is clean, everything is washed and put away).

Have a look at the photos of the trip.

February 4  2001 - Coley and Kirsty home again!

The girls had a great 7 weeks away together, visiting Graham and Jenny in Memphis for Christmas 2000, and then travelling through Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Now Kirsty is home in Brisbane, while Coley is "home" with her Kiwi flatmates in London.

Have a look at their American Trip Diary and Photos.

January 12 2001

We were not happy to hear there had been a major earthquake off the coast of El Salvador, 7.6 on the Richter scale. We found out later that Coley and Kirsten were travelling into Guatemala on a rickety old bus, a few 100 kms from the epicentre, and they didn't even feel it! 

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