Cooper Creek
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We drove up the Strezlecki track to Innamincka, an easy track to drive. Half way up is Cobblers desert, and there is a wonderful campsite at a bore surrounded by birds. The quiet at night was only disturbed by dingoes howling in the distance, and the stars were so bright you felt you could touch them!

Moomba has a population of around 600 and processes oil and gas from the many gas fields in this area, before piping to all capital cities.

Cunnymurra waterhole near Innamincka is on Cooper Creek, and is a huge and popular camping and fishing spot.

This is the area where the ill fated Burke and Wills expedition finished - this is Judy at Burkes gravesite on Cooper Creek.

Coongie Lakes is 100km NE of Innamincka and an amazing place with magnificent bird life and a few "Simpson like" sand dunes to climb.

The sunset over Coongie lakes was spectacular, even with no cloud!

Coongie Lakes is home to 1000's of rabbits!

Back to Innamincka, across the Burke and Wills bridge on the Cooper, then 'twas time to turn west and head for home via Thargomindah, Cunnamulla and St George.

Last spot of fishing for Harvey in the Thomson river at St George - no fish, but a lovely spot!

That's it! We reached home on June 6 2001 after nearly 8 weeks away. Now, where shall we go next year???

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