Flinders Ranges
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From Adelaide we headed north to the rugged Flinders Ranges.

Flinders Ranges in view

We camped for 3 nights at Wilpena Pound, and drove the "Skytrek", a fabulous 4WD self-drive track on Willowbank Station.

Start of SkyTrek, Fliders Ranges

The track initially wound along the valleys and creeks.

Skytrek track

We were interested to see the bullocky bush - looks just like Olive trees!

Bullock bush - fodder for sheep if really hungry.

Then the climb began .. up... up ... down and up again ....

Skytrek climb

Eventually we reached the top of Mt Carnarvon, and felt like we were on top of the world, with 360 degree views to Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges and Lake Frome on the eatsern plains.

Skytrek - the highest point!

Looking towards Wilpena Pound, hardy grass trees in foreground.

View from the TOP!

Driver and vehicle take a break!

Viwe from the top - driver and vehicle!

The river red gums were huge, with great colours in the bark.

River red gum

Interesting rock formations, Wilpena

We drove most of the tracks around Wilpena.

Wilpena track

This little fellow had a good shelter!

Wallaby sheltering

The storm is rolling in towards Wilpena Pound.

Storm rolls in

Our first night in a rainy camp, with uninvited visitors too!

Wet camp, with visitors!

Next day we headed north to the Gammon Ranges and Arkaroola, supposedly one of the oldest landforms in the world.

Not a good day for driving!

Near Leigh Creek we found the ruined town of Bethania, back on the Old Ghan train line again!

Fettlers cottage ruins, Old Ghan line

This was a cutting for the Old Ghan train track.

Old Ghan cutting.

Arkaroola is one of the oldest landforms in the world.

Arkaroola track

There are a number of natural springs at Arkaroola, which seldom run dry.

Water hole, Arkaroola creek

Arkaroola runs its own 4WD trip to the mountain tops - the RidgeTop tour.

Arkaroola - Ridgetop tour

Arkaroola open top vehicles used for their 4WD trips.

Arkaroola - Ridgetop tour vehicles

The end of the track for the RidgeTop tour!

Arkaroola - Ridgetop tour - end of track!!

From Arkaroola, we drove north up the Strezlecki track - ran into a few oil and gas vehicles coming south from Moomba.

Strezlecki track

Innamincka and Lake Coongie ....

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