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Family History - Postscript

Judy's mother was Joyce Blunden (born 1908, sister of Alice, Peg, Bill, Leo, John, Derrick, Godfrey and Brian), Joyce's father was Harold Blunden (born 1877), Harold's father was Reginald Blunden (born 1850), and Reginald's father was John Blunden (born 1814) who emigrated from England to Australia in 1844.

John and Elizabeth Blunden emigrated from Portsmouth, England, to Victoria, Australia, after their marriage in in 1844. 

Their son, Reginald was born in 1850, and moved to New Zealand where he married Alice Moore. They produced five children, one of whom was Harold Ernest, who was born in 1877.

Harold married Henrietta Denshire, and they had nine children, before Henrietta died leaving Harold with nine children aged 3 to 17 years.

The Blundens at Joyce's wedding (Derrick not present)
Harold Blunden's Family - Bill, Godfrey, Alice, Leo, John, Joyce, Father Harold, Peg and Brian. Photo was taken at Joyce's wedding in 1930(?). Derrick is not present.

Judy's mother was Joyce BLUNDEN, daughter of Harold and Henrietta (nee Denshire) Blunden.

Joyce's youngest brother, Bill, has written the Blunden History, as he saw it.

Joyce's youngest sister, Alice, has also written the story of her life, and researched the family history.

The Blunden Family were:

  1. Brian - 19th September 1906
  2. Joyce - 19th June 1908
  3. Godfrey and Derrick - 23rd September 1910
  4. John and Leo - 8th November 1911
  5. William - 8th May 1913
  6. Peg - 9th July 1917
  7. Alice - 7th May 1920

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