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Who put this book together, and why????

This book had its origins in the SMITH family Web site in Brisbane, Australia, which got bigger as we added pictures and stories about our trips, plus news and information from the extended family. 

Then various bits of family history started surfacing, including Blunden and Denshire family trees, and Uncle Bill Blunden's life story, which encouraged Aunty Ali Reeves (Blunden) to write her own memoirs. 

As we get older, and loved family members of the older generation start slipping away, we realise that if we don't take an interest in the origins of our families, and ask the questions, and record the answers,  and find out WHO is in those photos, and WHERE they were taken, then the opportunity may slip by, and we may NEVER know!

Where has all this information come from?

Information is sourced mostly from Ali's and Bill's memoirs, plus the extensive Blunden History put together by Vera Hudspeth and others, including professional genealogists.

Why is it sometimes disjointed?

This book is reproduced by printing Web Pages which link to each other, but don't always make for easy print cross reference! Sorry!

Is it all correct?

Undoubtedly NOT! It's a case of "all care, and YOUR responsibility"!

Can you help?

Undoubtedly YES! There are errors, plus some obvious gaps in the various family trees, plus missing birth/death dates and places. Please photocopy any pages, and mark errors, add any interesting info and photos, and post to me if possible. I will then amend the Web site. Thanks!


Special thanks to Bill Blunden, who spent a lot of his last years in ill health, and yet struggled to write down as much as possible, plus narrate a number of tapes, before he passed away in 1995.

Very special thanks also to Alice Reeves, who has worked so hard to put together her own story, to collect lots of family history and photos, and compile a fascinating Blunden/Denshire/Reeves life story for her family. THANKS, Aunty Ali!

What now?

This is a "fluid" project, and in a few years time (when maybe we too will have some grandchildren!) I will possibly produce another bigger, better, and more accurate book. It will include other branches of our family tree - Smith/ Rodda/ Ruegg/ Fisher/ Warren/ van Asch. 

Until then ......  just tell me more .... and more .... and more still .... thanks!

Contact who?

    Judy Smith   Judy Smith

19 Woonalee St
Queensland 4069

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