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1.Departure from Broken Hill 2.Camerons Corner 3. The Dog Fence 4.Collecting Firewood
5. Dinner at Innamincka Pub 6.  Cooper Creek 7. The Dig Tree 8.Birdsville Working Museum
9.Birdsville Pub 10. The "Great Divide" Tour Group 11. "Big Red" in sight! 12. Top of Big Red
13. Up...up Big Red 14. The Yellow desert 15. Ducks in the desert? 16. Poeppels Corner
17. The Dig Tree 18. Spinifex 19. Knolls Track 20. Dinner dans Desert
21. Camel track 22. Over the dune 23. Dalhousie  24. Spring?
25. Old Ghan track 26. Finke Crossing 26a. Bulldust! 26b. Bulldust again!
26c. More Bulldust! 26d. Enough Bulldust! 27. Camels 28. Beautiful!
29. Whatta HAT! 30. On the Track 30a Chambers Pillar  
31. Kings Canyon 31a Thryptomene 32. Spearwood  
33. Sunset at Kings Canyon 34. Kit on top of things! 35. Sunset at Uluru 36. Sunset at The Olgas
37. Camp Oven 38. Yum!! 39. Peake 40. Lake Eyre Island
41. Passengers 42. William Creek  traffic 43. William Creek Pub 44. Lake Eyre foreshore

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